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Devil's Deal Physical Book!

Dec 9, 2023

Devil's Deal is officially out now

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Devil's Deal Chapter 11 Out 3/9/24

Mar 8, 2024

See the fallout of Pan's decision to save Pauli!

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Knight of Slaughter Chapter 11 Coming out this Mar

Mar 8, 2024

Knight of Slaughter Chapter 11 is scheduled for Mid March!


Read Manga & webcomics 

Deepstalker Crow

The Deepstalkers put an end to the Mourning Shadow's rampage and saved the remaining townsfolk (for a price). Mercy learned just how dysfunctional the Deepstalker crows really are. Told her genetics were too weak to be useful, Mercy is now out to prove them all wrong and find her place among her new family. However, first she must overcome Bathoria.

Knight of Slaughter

Raised on the stories of knights and surrounded by heroes of legend, Veronica's life is turned upside down after a wish on her 7th birthday. Now she has to face the cruel reality of her new life as an apprentice to become the next holy knight in her Godly father's order. Will she survive the training and what kind of knight will she become?

Deepstalker Crow

Deepstalker Crow is a 22 page comic telling the blood drenched tale of the 7 infamous monster hunter houses, known as Deepstalkers. Experience the trials and tribulations of Mercy of the house Crow. Physically weaker, and with a higher Blood Corruption Level than normal, she faces the reality of a shortened life span while battling monsters within this world to prove that she is worthy of the family name Crow.

Devils Deal

With her husband injured in the line of duty, and the threat of losing her home, Selma is forced into a pact with Vassago, a devil who claims to hold the keys to her salvation. To save the lives of all she holds dear, Selma is thrust into the center of an eternal war between the forces of the netherworld. Alone, she will protect them from angels, demons, devils and anything else that stands in her way.




Howdy everyone, I'm Antonio Cooper founder of Dark Sand Oasis Productions. I created this studio and the many stories on here to share the world I was able to create from my 10+ years of tabletop game mastering. I'm working to give you the same wonder my players had interacting with the NPCs and world at large. The best part about my series is that they are ALL connected! That's right! That means your favorite characters can appear in other series and impact other stories. Always feel free to hit me up on socials and say high or go into the the guild area and play around.

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