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Project Management & Virtual Assistant

Having issues keeping your project on schedule? We can help you develop an effective tracking system, communicate and follow up with your team, establish new realistic timelines, make staffing recommendations, and set up new file organization structures.


per Week (up to 5 hours)

Service Disclaimer

You are responsible for informing your team on our role and authority per our planned engagement. Failure to enforce our recommendations or guidance may result in non-progression.

At the end of the day we will make recommendations on fixes and adjustments, we don't control your team and only have as much ability to affect your project as you enforce.

Any non-progression or missed milestones from team and owners inaction or non-compliance will not be our responsibility and no refund will be given.

ANY inappropriate harassment will be documented and may result in IMMEDIATE termination of services at the customers expense and no refund will be given.

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