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A place to read your favorite

DSOP webtoons.

Raised on the stories of knights and surrounded by heroes of legend, Veronica's life is turned upside down after a wish on her 7th birthday. Now she has to face the cruel reality of her new life as an apprentice to become the next holy knight in her Godly father's order. Will she survive the training and what kind of knight will she become?

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Devils Deal

With her husband injured in the line of duty, and the threat of losing her home, Selma is forced into a pact with Vassago, a devil who claims to hold the keys to her salvation. To save the lives of all she holds dear, Selma is thrust into the center of an eternal war between the forces of the netherworld. Alone, she will protect them from angels, demons, devils and anything else that stands in her way.

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Knight of Slaughter

DD Season 2
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